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Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Beautiful new China Cabinet and another SNEAK!

I've been on the search for a China Cabinet that I could use to house my new acquisition of china.  It's not new china, just new to me.  It was my mothers, a long, long, long time ago.  (Sorry Mom!)  My sister then had the china for years, but just moved out of State and gave it to me.  It's been sitting in my storage room for a while...gotta figure out what to do with it, right?!

So, I have been eyeing this beauty at Goodwill for about a month.  It was one of those items that was priced incredibly high.  Don't know why they do that, but the people who price furniture vary greatly.  I can get a great piece for dirt cheap and a so-so one will catch my interest and it's priced like almost new.  I happened to catch it again on the 50% off day, but even with 50% off, it was still too much.  So, I took my chances and went back towards the end of week.  I wanted to have more bargaining power!  So, I got my 50% off plus another $25 off and took it home that day!

I suppose you can see what drew me to this.  The lines are great, although incredibly dated.  Those X's in the middle were just, hmmmm, well U-G-L-Y.  While trying to remove them I broke the glass.  The middle section didn't open anyway, just the outside doors.  So, I thought some chicken wire would make it a bit more casual even though my husband had finally thought I'd lost my mind.

I found the awesome yellow in the mistint section at Lowe's for $3, plus it was a primer/paint in one.  Double score!  Then, I used the rest of my can of ASCP Pure White on the outside.  I actually really liked the pulls on this so I kept them and spray painted them a great silver color.  It's the first time I've used that color for pulls and I love it!

So, here is the close up of the inside with the china...

Isn't this china beautiful?  It just POPS with that yellow behind it!

Hopefully, in this pic you can see the wire:

Look at these pulls accented with silver:

Here is the bottom half:

Again, I just love the silver drawer pulls against the Pure White.  Check out this top drawer.  Now, if I only had more than one set of silverware!!

Here she is in all her glory!

My husband didn't know I had planned on keeping this.  He does like it but doesn't want to carry it upstairs either.  This is one piece, it doesn't come apart, and it's H-E-A-V-Y.  So, I listed it for too much money and if it sells, I guess it sells and if it doesn't by the time I paint my kitchen, it's coming upstairs!

Here is another sneak peek of a serious home improvement project I have going on...

BEFORE:  light laminate flooring, light oak bannisters and rails, neutral beige paint, you know just plain!  (excuse the numerous paint samples on the wall, it took forever to find gray.  just gray.  not blue!)

AFTER:  new darker REAL hardwood floors, painted bannisters and rails and my find of the century....gray walls!

There are big changes going on around here!

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  1. that yellow on the inside is SO fun! love it!

  2. I think it turned out great Rebecca!! Your husband is crasy for not wanting to keep it! and again the new floors, painted banister, and wall color look FAB!! What color did you end up using?!

    1. It's a Benjamin Moore color--Cape Hatteras sand. The swatch looked too brown to me, but the salesman insisted I take a sample home. With all the light I have in that room, it looks gray--it's perfect!

  3. Just found your blog through Primitive and Proper. Love the After of the hutch AND the stair railing/floors!