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Saturday, August 25, 2012

My bathroom is finally done! (well, kinda!)

Whew, lots o' work goin' on around here.
Months and months ago I saw this picture on Pinterest:
So pretty.  Don't ask me why but I love a neutral bathroom.  Surely, I could do something like this to our Master Bath, right?  We had the standard contractor bathroom.  Oakey cabinet for the vanity, salon style lightbar and that big ole mirror held in place by glue and plastic thingys.
Don't even get me started on these ugly curtains I hung years ago, what was I thinking?
I also had a cabinet hung over my potty that was OK, but it's much happier in Emma's bathroom now!
The first thing we did was take the light fixture and mirror down.  This was the scariest part of all.  First, most people with mirrors like this would normally just frame it out to try and update it because ripping a mirror off the wall that seems to be held on by glue just might cause some drywall damage.  I didn't care, I wanted that mirror GONE!  (It's also loving it's new home at St. Thomas More Academy in Middletown!)  Then, we were afraid of what we would find under the light fixture, a huge hole?  We got lucky, like should have played the lottery lucky.  (well, we did, but didn't win...)  The mirror came down with only minor damage to the wall that could be fixed with some spackle.  The light fixture had one small hole where our new light fit right in.
So, we painted the vanity cabinet black and added some silver knobs.  We put up two mirrors over each sink and a new updated light fixture.  We painted the walls a light beigy/tan color.  My husband thinks it's a bit too light of a color, but again, I gotta thing with neutral bathrooms.  Those crazy curtains came down and were replaced with faux wood wide slat blinds in white.  I found a great cabinet on clearance at Lowe's for a great price, so I splurged.  It has room for baskets in the bottom which has become the new home for my makeup.  Great way to keep it off the sink! 
The only thing left I'd like to do is find some color, maybe something to  hang on the walls or with new rugs.  I've had my eye out for a while now, but if I'm not gaga over something, I'm not buying it. 
Drumroll please...................................
And, again, because I can't stop looking at this picture and wondering why oh why we didn't do this YEARS ago?????
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  1. Just stunning! WOW is all I can say.

  2. You did a beautiful job! Maybe you can help me with your opinion. I have a small hall bath (full bath) that has oak cabinets on one wall, and built in oak storage right across from it. I want to paint the cabinets dark, like yours, but I think that painting the large built in dark would be too much. It's about 7' tall and 6' wide. So my question is, should I just paint all the woodwork a light color (which would be an improvement over the honey oak) or can I paint the sink cabinet dark and the wall storage light? (I'm thinking that's not such a great idea)
    Thanks for any help - and again, your bathroom looks fantastic!

  3. Your bathroom design is very sassy yet classy. It must be because of the combination of yellow and white! This makes for a perfect bathroom for girls because it looks so clean and comfy and if I must say, the atmosphere is just so girly, indeed!

    -Carmella Vancil

  4. You’re a natural born artist! This bathroom was aesthetically and elegantly designed. Everything is in order, the mirrors, furniture and cabinets blend well with the color your walls! Every person who will use this bath tub will surely have a great time soaking and pampering herself in this stunning bathroom. I just hope you maintain your bathroom to keep it mold-free. Maintain the dryness of your bathroom in order to avoid the occurrence and growth of molds.

    Soledad Feigenbaum

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  6. Wow, that's one splendid reno! True, you can never go wrong with neutrals. This color scheme is applicable to any area of the house. Your bathroom looks so welcoming and cozy. Great job!