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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Some great new chairs!

I found these chairs at my local Goodwill almost by mistake. I was leaving and feeling low because I didn't see anything I wanted that was a decent price.  I saw some things I was interested in, but the prices these days are just way too high on some things.  These were shoved in the back of a few dressers and mixed with other chairs:

They have a great shape and for their age, were in great structural condition.  They were very dated though.  I could tell the fabric had been replaced before but it was still just blah.

Then, I was at JoAnn Fabrics for a few things and stumbled upon their remnant bin, which is already a great discounted rate from the regular price, but was marked another 50% off.  So, I got this fabulous gray/yellow Ikat fabric that normally would have cost me a FORTUNE!

Since I already had about 50 shades of gray...(sorry, I just had to!) from my living room painting job, I grabbed a light shade of gray.  I whipped up my homemade version of Chalk Paint, which is just the paint, add a bit o' water and unsanded grout.  Two coats and the chairs were fully covered.  I distressed lightly, then topped with wax. 

I just loved the way they turned out:

And, since I've been sharing bits and pieces of my home improvements with you, I want to share a great mirror I found.  Again, another Goodwill salvation!  I've been looking everywhere to find a mirror the right size for this space.  I knew I wanted to paint it coral to bring it a POP of color and to match my two new throw pillows.  I was even willing to pay decent money!  Well, more than cheap ole me usually spends.  But, alas, I saw this for $7 and couldn't resist.  I headed to Lowes and picked up a small sample size of coral, whipped up my homemade chalk paint again, and my mirror was done!

A bit different for my usual taste, but I like it and it's staying there for a while.  It really goes well with the pillows, see:

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  1. love the pop of color! and the chairs look great!

  2. Those chairs turned out great! I have yet to fully embrace the ikat pattern, but I do really like it on your chairs. I just picked up a couple of chairs with the same kind of back to have some fun with, too.