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Sunday, July 22, 2012

A PINKY dresser--and a sneak peek!

When I was pregnant with Emma, I knew deep down that my husband really wanted a boy, although he wouldn't admit it.  I think he had an adjustment to make when we found out she was a girl.  Not in a bad way, he was happy to be having a healthy baby, but in that "man" sense, you know?  Part of that adjustment was his objection to anything pink.  Her nursery was done in beautiful lavendars and shades of green.  It was pretty, really pretty.  But, no pink.  But, when I saw this dresser/hutch combo, it screamed PINK!

Although it was so far out of date, it was in great condition.  Plus, it has a working light right under those three drawers.

The first thing I did was use wood filler to fill in the holes left by the pulls on those top three drawers.  They seemed so small for a pull and I thought they would look better with some glass knobs. 

I mixed some ASCP Pure White with red to come up with a bright pink.  I knew I wanted to do the body in pink and the drawers in white, but after doing so, it just looked odd and blocky.  So, I took some white and traced around where the gold inset had been.  Then, I used the pink to outline those three top drawers. 

I was going to use glass pulls for the drawers as well, but these pulls are a weird size and since the drawers were already painted I wasn't about to start over.  I didn't want them real pink and I didn't want them real white either so I just used kind of a loose mixture of both, then distressed them and I think they turned out really cute!

Here is the dresser part.  I hope you can see some of the white detailing.  Once again, I got out a teeny tiny brush and did it by hand.

And here is this great hutch:

Aren't those pink glass knobs great?  I've had those for a few months, they were just waiting for the right place to be!  Here is a close up of the pretty decorative piece on top, you can also see some more of the white detailing:

As you can see, I did some light distressing on this also.  I thought it toned down the pink a bit and gave a more whimsy appearance.  So, here she is in all her glory:

I couldn't get a good picture with the light in the hutch on, it was too much glare, but it looks even prettier with that light on!

How perfect would a piece like this be in a nursery?  Look at ALL.THAT.STORAGE!  The best thing is, with a little change of knobs and staging, this can really grow with a little girl. 

Onto my sneak peek.......

After months of working out finances and thinking we may move soon, we realize it's just not in the near future for us.  Like many homeowners today, we are upside down in our mortgage.  Now, I'm not going to complain, we are only upside down by a little bit.  I have one neighbor who is upside down by around $125,000.  I would be seriously sick to my stomach.  But, at this time, I just cannot justify shelling out $15,000 or so at settlement to sell a house we've lived in for 8 years, especially a nice one, in a fairly nice neighborhood, in a GREAT location.  So, we are staying put and finally doing things that we've wanted to do around here for a while.  We are starting with our master bath, our contractor grade, plain, ugly (but big!) master bath.  So, here is a peek at my first job that I tackled with my trusty paintbrush:


is now this...

Stay tuned for the rest, along with a new paint I found that I used on these cabinets!

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