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Monday, July 16, 2012

A tale of two sideboards

I found two, yes two, sideboards within about a week or so of each other.  One was a bit more ornate than the other, but basically same style.  I posted about the first one here.  Because that was a set and more ornate, I chose a stained top and ASCP Old White.  Very simple yet classy.  The other one just needed more, or I needed more.  I've had a real problem lately with being creative.  For this piece I remember something I read on Miss Mustard Seed.  She talked about creativity and realizing that while you redo furniture to sell, being creative instead of being safe, means you'll enjoy it much more and so will your customers.  I've really tried to remember that.  So, I was left with what to do with this:

This piece was also bigger, a real beast.  It needed to be lightened up to be tamed!

I really love the color yellow.  But, kinda like the color gray can be too blue or too green, yellow can be too beige, too bright, or just plain WAY too yellow.  I've really been into mixing my ASCP colors lately.  Thank goodness for the sample pots!  So, this particular sideboard was a mixture of ASCP Old White and Arles.  My husband actually stopped me and said he thought I should play it safe and just do white or off white.  But, I decided to do it with what I thought was pretty and not what would appeal to the masses. 

I started with the top.  I really do still just L-O-V-E a nice dark stained top.  Instead of stripping, I just got out the orbital sander because I knew the top, although in fab condition, was veneer and wouldn't take too long to sand off the original stain.  And, I was right.  It sanded fairly easily.  I wanted this really rustic looking, so I dragged out the chains, hammer, screwdriver and really dinged the whole top up.  After the stain goes on, it settles in those grooves and crevices and looks SOOOOOO nice!

I then got out my mixture of ASCP and painted the body of it.  I then grabbed my orbital sander again and gave it a quick sanding to really, really, really distress it.  (Did I mention REALLY distressed?)

Once again, my photography skills are seriously lacking, although I'm trying.  You can't really see the yellowishness (I just made up a new word!) of this, but it's not as creamy beige as the picture depicts.  Look at that gorgeous top:

I used Rustleoum Dark Walnut stain and then topped it with the Annie Sloan dark wax.  I then topped the body of it with the clear wax, then went over all the detail in dark wax, so it really popped out and almost looked two-toned in color.

Isn't that detailing great?  It went along the top and the bottom.  And, as a bonus, the drawer pulls and door knobs were perfect, I didn't have to do anything to them except clean 'em up a bit.

Again, I really wish you could see the yellow in this piece, it's just so happy!  What great colors have you all mixed up lately??

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  1. Gorgeous makeover!
    Absolutely love it -
    ( I often mix ascp too )

  2. so pretty! love the color and distressing! it matches my desk! ;)

  3. gorgeous! I have a similar sideboard and would love to paint it like yours. Just have to convince my husband that it's the way to go.

  4. My favorite style of sideboard! Beautiful job on it! Love the color.

  5. What a great job I love how you distressed it :)