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Monday, July 9, 2012

Some new tables

This is just another example that ANYTHING can be painted.  Really. 

I was driving by a yard sale when these tables caught my eye.  From the road, I couldn't quite figure out what was going on with them, specifically the top.  But, they had such a great shape.  So, of course, with Emma in the back and a trunk full of toys, I did a quick U-turn in the middle of the street to check 'em out.

I almost forgot some before pics, but here are the two side tables.  The coffee table was exactly the same.

Like I said, I *almost* forgot my before pictures.  I had already taken the drawers out ready to paint, but you get the idea, right?  So, check out the tops on these.  I was able to discover that these tops are wood, but covered in laminate.  White marbley (is that a word?) laminate.  I literally sat there for about a half of an hour trying to decide if I should rip off the laminate or leave it on.  Then, I had flashbacks to an unfortunate veneer peeling off incident that took me forever and a day.  These tables are not the best in fine craftsmanship, but they certainly are very pretty, so I left the laminate on.  I knew I wanted to paint them in ASCP Old White, but even I doubted it with those tops.  So, I did prime the tops, then painted the whole piece with 2 coats of the Old White. 

So, whaddya think?

They are so pretty!  I mean, look at those sexy legs!

Here is the coffee table:

Long and lean, just like me...NOT!

Look how the distressing brought out all the detail:

Like I said at the beginning, ANYTHING can be painted with the proper priming and prepping!

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  1. very pretty! I painted my daughter's dresser that had a laminate type top and the paint has held up well so far.

  2. these are so gorgeous, rebecca! love those details and handles!

  3. the laminate fooled me! looks like carrerra!

    thank you for such lovely inspiration! found you at MMS's link party, always a favorite!

    hope you can swing by:

    smiles to you.