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Monday, September 24, 2012

Mini Sideboard

Okay, I'm sure it's probably just called a small buffet, but it's so cute, it's mini sized! 
I picked this up from a lady who had been storing some extra pieces in her basement that her in laws had given her and her husband when they first got married.  She just wanted to clean out the space and really couldn't figure out why I like this.  She said, "but, it's just so old!"  Ummmm, duh!  That's what makes it great!
Well, yeah, it's a bit tired and scratched up, but it just needs some refreshing!
I sanded the old stain off the top.  Sometimes I strip and stain, other times I just try and see how easily it will sand off.  This was one of those easy days and it worked!  I used some 80 grit paper and my orbital sander and had the top and sides sanded down in about 10 minutes.  No messy stripper, woo hoo! 
I couldn't decide what color, I wanted an off green so I bought a sample size of ASCP Country Grey.  It has a very green tinge to it.  But, it was TOO greeny for this, I still wanted something neutral, so I mixed it with some ASCP Old White:
I stained the top my go-to stain, Rustoleum dark walnut.  I  rubbed on one coat with some rags, waited for it to dry, then top off with some ASCP Dark Wax......beautious!
I think there is something wrong with me.  Pretty stained wood like this just makes me happy.  Sigh. 
I painted the rest in my custom color mix, 2 coats, then distressed by hand and topped with Clear Wax.  I rubbed a very small amount of dark wax on the bottom detailed part to make it really stand out.
Look at those pulls, so fancy!  And, the wooden decorative piece on top just finishes this off.  Of course, once again, I want to keep this.  But, she is going to my space at Ginger & Spice in hopes that everyone will be in the buying mood during the Fall Festival this Saturday.
If anyone is local, come on out, it should be a great time.  There are now 20 vendors.  I'm hoping I can sell some stuff because I know I'll want to buy everything I see also!
And, because it's so pretty, another picture:
Hope to see you at the Festival!
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  1. This is beautiful. From little old lady to country grey......you've made it so much better and I bet the little old lady's opinion would change if she saw it now!

  2. so cute! i love the wood top and love the sweet little shape of this!

  3. I love it when older folks don't like their old furniture! Makes it easier for me to take it away for small change :) This is a beautiful piece!

  4. I love everything about this piece!! It is beautiful, great job!


  5. Rebecca it's such a cute buffet! Perfect for an entry way! Love the color you chose!

  6. I love everything about this piece! The style, size and your special touch made it just perfect.