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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Two-Toned Table!

For the life of me I cannot find my before picture.  Ack!  The worse part is that I knew I took one!  I love the shape of this table and the metal middle part just gives it some extra charm.
Here is my first after picture:
I painted this in Old White and Duck Egg Blue, topped with clear wax.  Then I added some great glass like knobs on the top drawer.  As I stood back taking pictures, I realized that all I could see was the wood inside.  Fail  (did you notice my other fail?  I just noticed I only put one knob back on on the door!)
I painted the inside Old White to make the metal doors really pop.
Now, after another redo:
Much better, huh?
I also wanted to share a quick project I did.  I'm really trying to fill my new space with more decorative items now, I've got the furniture.  I found a few great tutorials on how to make burlap wreaths.  I kind of combined them to suit my tastes and ended up with a fabulous looking wreath.  This one is a beige burlap with vintage-y black writing on it.  I also bought some orange burlap and made some for fall.  I hung it around this old window I found and just touched up with some Old White and a bunch o' sanding.  I think I"ll sell it as a set, plus it'll look great in my space!
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

My bathroom is finally done! (well, kinda!)

Whew, lots o' work goin' on around here.
Months and months ago I saw this picture on Pinterest:
So pretty.  Don't ask me why but I love a neutral bathroom.  Surely, I could do something like this to our Master Bath, right?  We had the standard contractor bathroom.  Oakey cabinet for the vanity, salon style lightbar and that big ole mirror held in place by glue and plastic thingys.
Don't even get me started on these ugly curtains I hung years ago, what was I thinking?
I also had a cabinet hung over my potty that was OK, but it's much happier in Emma's bathroom now!
The first thing we did was take the light fixture and mirror down.  This was the scariest part of all.  First, most people with mirrors like this would normally just frame it out to try and update it because ripping a mirror off the wall that seems to be held on by glue just might cause some drywall damage.  I didn't care, I wanted that mirror GONE!  (It's also loving it's new home at St. Thomas More Academy in Middletown!)  Then, we were afraid of what we would find under the light fixture, a huge hole?  We got lucky, like should have played the lottery lucky.  (well, we did, but didn't win...)  The mirror came down with only minor damage to the wall that could be fixed with some spackle.  The light fixture had one small hole where our new light fit right in.
So, we painted the vanity cabinet black and added some silver knobs.  We put up two mirrors over each sink and a new updated light fixture.  We painted the walls a light beigy/tan color.  My husband thinks it's a bit too light of a color, but again, I gotta thing with neutral bathrooms.  Those crazy curtains came down and were replaced with faux wood wide slat blinds in white.  I found a great cabinet on clearance at Lowe's for a great price, so I splurged.  It has room for baskets in the bottom which has become the new home for my makeup.  Great way to keep it off the sink! 
The only thing left I'd like to do is find some color, maybe something to  hang on the walls or with new rugs.  I've had my eye out for a while now, but if I'm not gaga over something, I'm not buying it. 
Drumroll please...................................
And, again, because I can't stop looking at this picture and wondering why oh why we didn't do this YEARS ago?????
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Some exciting news and a new dresser!

Once again, I suck at being a blogger.  It's been a week since my last post, sorry everyone!  But, I have some exciting news that will mean more projects to share!

I'm so pleased to announce that as of September 1, 2012, I will be the newest vendor at Ginger & Spice Marketplace in Walkersville, Maryland!  They are having a great fall fair and I emailed them to get some information on being a vendor and the rest is history!  I can't lie, I'm a bit concerned about being able to keep up, but I'll never know until I try.  Try my best, right?  My husband has really geared up and will be helping me as well, so this will really be a team effort.  I'm so excited! 

Because of my exciting new venture, I feel like I am on high alert for great finds now.  So, a little over a week ago my husband and I were going out for a much needed dinner sans kid.  We decided to go to Hollow Creek in Middletown.  As we are driving over the mountain at 7:00 p.m., there is this big yard sale, BIG.  I spot a dresser, so what's any normal person do?  Of course,  make my husband turn around and go back so I can check it out.  I was in sad shape and she wanted too much money for it.  After pointing out the veneer issues and asking her if she has ever had to strip veneer, she became much more reasonable in her asking price!

Here are some before pics:

the drawers:

Here is the side with the veneer damage:

The other side was worse.  So, I soaked a towel in water and layed it on the side.  I made sure the towel wasn't dripping, but definately soaked through...

We (I say we because my husband is the one who stripped it off) let the towel soak there for about 2 hours.  I was very surprised how easily the veneer peeled off.  I've had some veneer horrors so I was very pleased with the success of this method.

I stripped and restained the top.  Then, after the stain dried, I topped with dark wax.  It's so rustic looking!

The legs on this piece have so much detailing.  I decided to paint it black because there still are some imperfections and the black seems to let them fade away. 

I very lightly distressed it and waxed the whole piece in dark wax.  I left the same drawer pulls and kept them the same color, they really go well with the distressed parts and the stained top.  Here is the final outcome:

This will be put in my new space at Ginger & Spice as soon as I move in!!  WooHoo!

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Some great new chairs!

I found these chairs at my local Goodwill almost by mistake. I was leaving and feeling low because I didn't see anything I wanted that was a decent price.  I saw some things I was interested in, but the prices these days are just way too high on some things.  These were shoved in the back of a few dressers and mixed with other chairs:

They have a great shape and for their age, were in great structural condition.  They were very dated though.  I could tell the fabric had been replaced before but it was still just blah.

Then, I was at JoAnn Fabrics for a few things and stumbled upon their remnant bin, which is already a great discounted rate from the regular price, but was marked another 50% off.  So, I got this fabulous gray/yellow Ikat fabric that normally would have cost me a FORTUNE!

Since I already had about 50 shades of gray...(sorry, I just had to!) from my living room painting job, I grabbed a light shade of gray.  I whipped up my homemade version of Chalk Paint, which is just the paint, add a bit o' water and unsanded grout.  Two coats and the chairs were fully covered.  I distressed lightly, then topped with wax. 

I just loved the way they turned out:

And, since I've been sharing bits and pieces of my home improvements with you, I want to share a great mirror I found.  Again, another Goodwill salvation!  I've been looking everywhere to find a mirror the right size for this space.  I knew I wanted to paint it coral to bring it a POP of color and to match my two new throw pillows.  I was even willing to pay decent money!  Well, more than cheap ole me usually spends.  But, alas, I saw this for $7 and couldn't resist.  I headed to Lowes and picked up a small sample size of coral, whipped up my homemade chalk paint again, and my mirror was done!

A bit different for my usual taste, but I like it and it's staying there for a while.  It really goes well with the pillows, see:

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Beautiful new China Cabinet and another SNEAK!

I've been on the search for a China Cabinet that I could use to house my new acquisition of china.  It's not new china, just new to me.  It was my mothers, a long, long, long time ago.  (Sorry Mom!)  My sister then had the china for years, but just moved out of State and gave it to me.  It's been sitting in my storage room for a while...gotta figure out what to do with it, right?!

So, I have been eyeing this beauty at Goodwill for about a month.  It was one of those items that was priced incredibly high.  Don't know why they do that, but the people who price furniture vary greatly.  I can get a great piece for dirt cheap and a so-so one will catch my interest and it's priced like almost new.  I happened to catch it again on the 50% off day, but even with 50% off, it was still too much.  So, I took my chances and went back towards the end of week.  I wanted to have more bargaining power!  So, I got my 50% off plus another $25 off and took it home that day!

I suppose you can see what drew me to this.  The lines are great, although incredibly dated.  Those X's in the middle were just, hmmmm, well U-G-L-Y.  While trying to remove them I broke the glass.  The middle section didn't open anyway, just the outside doors.  So, I thought some chicken wire would make it a bit more casual even though my husband had finally thought I'd lost my mind.

I found the awesome yellow in the mistint section at Lowe's for $3, plus it was a primer/paint in one.  Double score!  Then, I used the rest of my can of ASCP Pure White on the outside.  I actually really liked the pulls on this so I kept them and spray painted them a great silver color.  It's the first time I've used that color for pulls and I love it!

So, here is the close up of the inside with the china...

Isn't this china beautiful?  It just POPS with that yellow behind it!

Hopefully, in this pic you can see the wire:

Look at these pulls accented with silver:

Here is the bottom half:

Again, I just love the silver drawer pulls against the Pure White.  Check out this top drawer.  Now, if I only had more than one set of silverware!!

Here she is in all her glory!

My husband didn't know I had planned on keeping this.  He does like it but doesn't want to carry it upstairs either.  This is one piece, it doesn't come apart, and it's H-E-A-V-Y.  So, I listed it for too much money and if it sells, I guess it sells and if it doesn't by the time I paint my kitchen, it's coming upstairs!

Here is another sneak peek of a serious home improvement project I have going on...

BEFORE:  light laminate flooring, light oak bannisters and rails, neutral beige paint, you know just plain!  (excuse the numerous paint samples on the wall, it took forever to find gray.  just gray.  not blue!)

AFTER:  new darker REAL hardwood floors, painted bannisters and rails and my find of the century....gray walls!

There are big changes going on around here!

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