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Monday, October 1, 2012

A quick redo and my first complaint!

Ack!  I forgot before pictures.  My mind is mush.  Seriously.  I will be more organized.  I will be more organized.  I will be more organized.  Believe me?  Not sure I believe myself.
I picked up this great Queen Anne style dresser from Craigslist.  It was in GREAT condition.  VERY heavy, dovetailed drawers still lined up straight.  The wood was beautiful, except the sides.  They were all scratched up.  So, I left the top as is instead of having to strip and restain myself.  I brightened it up with some Scott's Liquid Gold.  (and had flashbacks of my Grandmother making me use that to wipe down her paneled walls)  Then, I grabbed the Louis Blue and painted away!
I used the same drawer pulls, however they were in two pieces, the backing was that ornate flair kind that you see on every piece of Queen Anne style furniture.  But, these were different, they also had these handles that were seperate.  So, I just stuck these quaint handles back on without the backing.  Much better. 
Look at those great legs!  If I could whistle I would, but I can't.  Don't make fun of me!
Moving on to my first complaint from no other than my 4 year old.  I made this wooden sign for her a while ago when I first started dabbling in making signs:
I think it turned out great.  Well, she promptly told me that it is NOT allowed to be hung in her room because that is not her name.  Um, yes it is.  And, you can write your own name, so what's your beef?  Well, folks it's the "a".  That isn't the way to make an "a".  I tried to explain to her that it was a fancy way of doing it.  She didn't buy it.  Anyone out there have an Emma?  Want a sign?
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