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Monday, September 17, 2012

I picked a color!

In my last post, one of my burning questions was...what color should I paint these stools?????
Sorry, these are my only before pictures.  I had been looking everywhere for stools with a back that also weren't too big as my table sits behind and to the side of the island.  With big chairs it kind of caused a traffic jam.  I had been using saddle style stools, but was always afraid my four year old would go tumbling back on my hard ceramic tile floor.  I found these at a consignment shop and they are the perfect size and shape.  The color, blah.  It's that light blond wood, or blah wood.
Since my island was just painted and distressed black, black was out of the question.  My cabinets will be painted Old White and we are getting neutral counter tops.  The walls will be painted the same gray you may see peeking through in the living room.  I just went with my old standby, ASCP Louis Blue.  One coat people, yup, thats right, one coat.  Best of all, the seats screwed right off so I didn't have to be careful:
I lightly sanded and waxed them.  I think they POP off the black and will really go well with the gray paint.
Wow, my lighting is really bad.  Hopefully, some of you will know what Louis Blue is like.  If not, it's in between the picture with the seats off and this one. 
I can't wait to finish my kitchen!
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  1. Great choice of color! Can't wait to see them wih the white painted cabinets. Visiting from MMS, Angela