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Monday, September 3, 2012

Lane Cedar Chest--redone and another home improvement project!

I love cedar chests.  I have one almost like this in my living room as my coffee table, see:
It's great storage for blankets and pillows.
When I saw this one, I knew I had to scoop it up and redo it!
This one is considered the Princess style.  It was in great shape but most definately out of date.  The color was blah.  I stripped the top:
I stained it a dark walnut and then topped with some Annie Sloan dark wax.  I painted the body ASCP Cream.  I've never used this color, but it's really pretty.  It isn't really "cream" though, more like a light yellow.  Here is the top, I just looooooooove a dark top!
And, a front view:
I'm normally not to crazy about these types of pulls.  However, I feel like they belong on this.  I sprayed them a oil rubbed bronze and they really POP off the cream.
This "Princess" is currently for sale at Ginger & Spice, go see her!
We are also starting a redo on our kitchen.  New counter tops are at the top of our list.  But, of course, I want to paint the walls the same gray as I did in the living room, which leads to the cabinets not matching because in the living room all of the bannisters and rails were painted white.  So, the cabinets also need a paint job.  Exhausting.  I'm not normal.  One small project usually ends in a complete reno.  I decided I love the two-toned look of the cabinets a different color than the island.  I decided on a black island, distressed and an off white for the kitchen cabinets.  I used a new paint, I'll come back next time to do a review, still trying to figure out how to word it.  Here's a quick peek, I'll post the full story tomorrow!
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  1. love that dark rustic top! your stuff looks great in the shop by the way!

  2. Very pretty Rebecca! Can't wait to see your cabinet tutorial. I've been working on my husband for a while because I hate our oak cabinets. Yellow/blonde wood tones are not my thing! I think he's about ready to let me paint them!!

    1. It took me a while to convince my husband also! What sealed the deal was our new hardwood floors. He wanted darker, which meant the bannisters and rails needed to be painted. With that much of an update, the cabinets look WORSE!