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Saturday, June 9, 2012

What's a table without chairs??

Right?  When I first found and redid this table it really didn't occur to me that selling it would be a problem without chairs.  I mean, who doesn't like to scour second hand stores looking for chairs?  Well, suprisingly, some people don't.  They like sets.  So, a set is what I decided to give them.

So, I scoured second hand stores, Craigslist, and yard sales.  I found these on Craigslist, but they were a bit too expensive for my taste.  So, in true form, I emailed the seller and offered a crazy low price with the promise of picking them up that day.  I would say this works maybe a fraction of the time, but if you don't ask, you never know.  Luckily, it worked in this case.  The seller just wanted them gone and wanted to make a bit o' cash.  They don't exactly match that gorgeous dark walnut top and Pure White body, huh?

But, look at them, classic style and solid wood.  Perfect.  The first thing I did was strip and sand the seat of the chairs so they could be restained that beautiful dark walnut color.

I think everyone in my neighborhood is probably getting sick of hearing my sander!

So, I stained and painted, stained and painted, well you get the gist.  Looks like a seemingly small job, not a lot of painting to do.  Wrong.  Chairs are a total pain.  I will probably not do anymore for a while unless I can spray them because they are TIME CONSUMING!

But, it was definately worth it.  After some distressing and waxing, they turned out so beautiful and updated.

And, talk about a set.  This set looks like it was made together.  Remember the table from before??

Now, it's a beautiful dining set.  Hmmm, would I be a horder if I had two different table sets in my kitchen?  Is that how it begins??

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  1. I've been on that very same chair search. And they are not fun to paint. But then sometimes people surprise me and don't want a whole set. .... Your set looks fabulous!

  2. Yup, hate painting chairs too, but this set looks like it was make for each other, just lovely.

  3. Nice! I plan to do my table like that sometime this summer.

  4. those chairs could not be more perfect for that table!