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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another use for pallets!

Through Pinterest, I've developed a fascination with pallets.  The best thing is, you can find them a lot of places, plus it's reusing old wood that would probably be sent to the dump or burnpile.  My first project was this pallet turned shelf/wall hanging:

This filled a space in my kitchen by my table that I have racked my brain trying to fill.  I love it because it's so unique and houses all my pictures in a great way.  Every person that walks into my house remarks how cool it is.

Then, we made this outside pallet table for our patio redo:

It's perfect because it's on wheels and we can just roll it everywhere!  Plus, it matches our great Adirondak chairs.

This weekend I was making a pallet shelf for someone who just loved mine and we had to do some fancy cutting to make it work.  I saw the beginnings of another great project!  All I had to do was attach a board across the front to hold in the bottles and voila (!) a pallet wine shelf to hang on the wall.

I really liked the color of this wood and didn't really want to stain it.  But, it needed something.  So, I grabbed my Paris Blue ASCP and watered it down.  I then lightly painted around it to give it that perfect beachy look.  I was going to paint the whole thing but as I was painting decided to leave the back part the original wood.  It just looks so beachy rustic.  Is that a design style?

So, here it is:

I didn't hang it.  I actually have no wall space for this, but couldn't resist making it!  Surely, I will find someone who loves it!

It's pretty large, could probably handle about 8 bottles of wine.  This is so cool...I need to go find some wall space, NOW!

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    1. Is it wrong to want one in every room of my house??!!

  2. Great projects! But that pallet shelf is seriously cool!