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Friday, April 6, 2012

Wax On, Wax Off, etc...

Well, this is not going to be the post I thought it was, blah.  Because my camera is still on the fritz, I've been using my phone to take pics, then emailing them to myself, then moving them to my pictures library.  I had all of my before and during pics on my phone.  Because everything electronic I own just can't seem to act normal, I started deleting pics from my phone to free up some space.  I made sure I emailed the pics to myself, but alas, the email didn't go through and I had already deleted the pictures.  I know, I know a post without tons o' pics gets boring, so how about a few pics just thrown in for fun?

That's me and my husband. 

Back to business...my sister is moving to Florida and getting rid of a ton of crap from her house.  She is also getting rid of some not so crappy stuff including a great buffet/chest.  I really considered not painting it, but it needed some new life.  So, I got out my sample color of ASCP in Duck Egg Blue.  Because I only had a sample, I mixed it with Old White.  After 2 coats and some sanding I just wasn't crazy about it.  Was it blue, green, gray, white?  Couldn't tell.  So, I mixed up my own chalk paint with some unsanded grout using a flat white color.  I only needed one coat because I did want some of the other color to pop through.  As I sanded I realized that although homemade chalk paint works nicely, it just cannot be compared to ASCP and they way it sands and ages.

Time for another random photo?  Sure!

That's Emma working her new LeapPad like a pro after only about 5 minutes!  Yes, she is in her PJ's.  No, it isn't bed time as evidenced by the sun blaring through the window.  Let's just say she is on a PJ kick and leave it at that, K?

I knew I wanted to also add dark wax to give it more aging but had never really used a lot of dark wax except with ASCP Graphite color and the goal then was to make the color look more black.  Just for the record, I have never taken an Annie Sloan workshop.  I wish I could, but I barely have enough time to do everything else.  So, needless to say, I've been winging it where her techniques are concerned.  I've also had some invaluable tips from other blog sites.  Mainly, always use the clear wax FIRST before the dark wax to have better control.  Done.  But, as I applied the dark wax and began rubbing off, it was DARK.  Crap.  I can't believe I'm gonna have to repaint this buffet AGAIN.  But, ta-da, I remembered reading somewhere that the clear wax will help remove the dark wax.  So, I tried it and it worked!!  I was able to control the amount of dark wax I wanted on the piece.  It turned out really nice even though it now had 3 coats of wax on it, my arms were killing me!  This baby is smmmmmooooooooth as buttah.   So, here she sits in her new home.  Well, her new home for now...

Look at these great dividers in the top drawer:

I need to stop being so cheap and just go by myself a new camera.  In fact, maybe I'll do that today.  I took the day off work and like a bad mommy, still took Emma to daycare.  I deserve it, right?

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  1. i think pj's are acceptable all the time. my kids and i love to stay in our pjs when we have nowhere to go and are known to sometimes say "uh oh- it's 4:30! we had better put on real clothes so daddy doesn't think we were in our pj's all day!" ;)

  2. PJ days are the best! Love the finished project ~ I've never ventured into the "dark wax", so I'm glad to know the clear can bail me out if needed!
    Visiting from Primitive & Proper!
    xo Heidi