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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The same (well, almost) table!

The month of March has not been a good blogging month for me.  In addition to all my furniture redos, craft projects, family, house, husband....well, you understand...I actually have a full time job.  And, crazy as it sounds, had to focus my attention on it.  I could go into details, but lets just say that extremely draining doesn't cover it.  I've realized this month that the reason I'm so anxiety ridden, anal, controlling...well, again, you understand, is because I spend my days listening to horrible details of horrible crimes and it finally occurred to me that normal people don't really ever have to ever hear this stuff.  What a concept!

So, moving right along, I was able to hunt down and redo a small end table.  When I bought the matching Lane Cedar Chest and side table for my living room, I was quite content with not having matching tables for either side of my couch.  But, if you can believe it, I found a somewhat matching end table on Craigslist.  It is exactly the same except the middle is open instead of being a cabinet.  Also, it looks like the top piece was replaced at one time because the color is a bit different, even after using the same color stain.  I probably paid too much because it was really dirty, really messy, but what were the chances I'd ever find something similar again?  Here's what it looked like when I bought it:

What you can't see is that it was also basically covered in dirt and mud.  But, if you remember, here is the side table I had:

Seriously, look at the legs, EXACT, even down to the pulls. So, I stripped and sanded, stained the top and painted the body and pulls black.

Looks the same except for the opening, huh?  Here's a wide view of the living room.  I still need lamps, these are way too big.  Finding them has become quite the issue.  But, unless I'm gaga, I'm not wasting my money, the room will come together in time. 

Remember to click on the pics to get a better look!

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  1. Looks great can't wait to see it in person at Bunko

  2. it looks great! it was pretty rough before- nice fix!

  3. Wow, you would never know they were not a set. Nice job, Dee @ My Painted Stuff

  4. Great Find! I am visiting from Primitive & Proper & am your newest follower.