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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Which decade do you think?

I can't decide...60's or 70's?

What do you think?

Either way, not anything in THIS decade, but unique nonetheless.  So, what the hey, I'll try and transform it.  I decided it needed a really beach, chippy feel, but because of the size, thought white was the best color. 

I'm really beginning to have quite the collection of ASCP and I just happened to have some Pure White on hand.  It was a gorgeous day outside so this transformation happened on my back porch.  Now, some ASCP lovers may curse me, BUT, as much as I love her clear wax (especially because it doesn't stink and I can do it inside all winter long without stinking up the whole house)  I decided to go back to my old standby, Johnson's Paste Wax.  It's stinky, that's for sure, so do it outside.  I really love the way it goes on and at $5 a tub instead of $25 a tub, well worth it!

So, here it is, all chippy:

I'm really suprised how well it turned out.  Look at the huge drawer for storage!  If I had another, I think these would surely be my living room side tables.

So, do you know???  What decade is it from??

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  1. it looks so cute! i would guess 70's, but who knows!

  2. I would love that large drawer for storage, too! It looks great now... definite improvement!