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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More furniture for a little girl!

This story starts back WAY before Christmas when I finished a matching armoire and side table.  The same set I ultimately used in Emma's room I just posted about the other day.  It was for sale for a while and I had several interested buyers but nothing definate.  Well, I thought nothing definate.  I'm so worried about being pushy to people I know who want to buy my stuff, I tend to not take them seriously.  My friend/boss was really interested but I didn't want to be pushy.  I didn't realize how interested she was, of course, until after I had made the decision to keep the set.  I felt SO bad telling her but assured her that we would find something else.

Fast forward to the week after Christmas...she was on a mission to get her daughter's bedroom redone, which included wanting an armoire and side table.  We scoured Craigslist, found a beautiful one, but it was $350.  As pretty as it was, I just thought it was too  much to spend for something that had to be painted and fixed up.  Later that same day an ad for a pine armoire for $50 was posted without pictures.  There were a few things she definately needed.  The top of the armoire where the doors opened had to have storage, not the kind for a TV, but something like shelves or cubbies, and the bottom had to have drawers.  I responded right away and he assured me the top had shelves.  We set up a time the next day to meet so we could look at it.  We were really quite a sight, all dressed in our work clothes, hopping in my big ole pick up truck and meeting some stranger at his storage unit.  We meant business!  At first sight, my heart sunk, I wanted this to be it so bad, but the whole back was cut out for a TV and there weren't any shelves.  Boo.  But, then he picked the shelves up off the ground and showed me they fit right in.  After a second look, I realized the back could be replaced, but of course, being the cheap, cheap person I am, talked him down to $40 instead of $50.  Yay!  Here is what she looked like, very sad and orangey, knotty pine:

Good bones though, right?  I mean, look at those cute ball feet!  Here's what she looked like open:

Not exactly good for using as a dresser, huh?

Then, we start poking our head in his storage unit.  He asks us what else we are looking for and we mention that she also needs a side table.  What luck, he just so happens to have one in the back of his pick up truck.  It's like it was meant to be.  Such a cute shaped table, but it definately had seen better days.  He tells me to make an offer and I blurt out..."how about $15?"  There is silence for a few seconds, so my partner in crime blurts out..."how about $20?"  I think he would have sold us the table for my price, but she felt bad.  Either way, great deal, even though my cheapness may have suprised her a bit!  Here she is as we found her:

The detail on this table is fabulous, I didn't really realize that until I got it home and got a closer look.  OK, so my $15 was a bit low...But, check out those gaudy drawer pulls.  We thought one simple knob would be better.

Then, I got to work!  I knew I would be using ASCP but was a bit undecided between Pure White and Old White.  Ultimately, I really think Old White was what she was looking for.  The room was going to be decked out in Pottery Barn pastels of pink, green and purple, so the off-white look makes it more vintage-y.  Is that a word?

The first think I did was measure the back and go straight to Lowe's.  For those of you who don't know this, you can get any kind of wood cut to your measurements at the store, they do it right there for you.  The backing wasn't heavy solid wood, but just a thinner particle board, so an easy $10 fix:

I also filled the holes from the drawer pulls in the side table.  Some simple wood filler does the trick.  Fill in, let dry, sand down, done.  After 2 coats of paint on each piece, some heavy distressing, some waxing, another trip to Lowe's to get shelf hanging thingy's (thats a technical term) they were done.  Well, almost.  My friend ordered the knobs from Pottery Barn to match the curtain rods she had ordered so I had to wait for them for the final pics. 

I would have been over the moon as a little girl to have a set like this:

Some close ups:

Although it's not a matching set, it doesn't have to be, does it?  They look GREAT together, dontcha think?  Of course, I can't just do the outside of an armoire, can I?  Check out the FAB inside, no hole, shelves installed, painted a great soft green color:

I really hope they like them and the bedroom turns out perfect!

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  1. Soooo Cute! Love the pop of color on the inside. Great job. Dee