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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another custom redo...

I did another custom dresser for someone that contacted me and I have to be honest, it stressed me out.  I really wanted to make it perfect, but it was so old, there was peeling veneer and the sides were all veneer.  It has a beautiful shape and is obviously an antique.  So, I spiffed it up the best I could.  She wanted all white, no distressing.  Again, like my last post, the no distressing really does make me sweat because it really has to be perfect.  It turned out quite nice as soon as I let myself realize I wasn't rebuilding the entire dresser and the goal was to make it pretty.

Here she is:

I really do think it's beautiful now, I've got to stop stressing so much!  Hope you enjoy!

I've been working on a great armoire and side table project.  It'll be a great post, right down to me and one of my bosses jumping in my pick up truck on our lunch hour to meet a guy at his storage unit...stay tuned.


  1. it turned out so pretty! you did a fabulous job!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!!! I can't thank you enough for fixing this up for me! Not only is it pretty it is functional and my daughter can open and close the drawers by herself now!!!!