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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Emma's new room...AGAIN!

For real this time!  The whole project is done.  (Well, not really, but pretty much!)  If any of you remember, I posted here about a minor room redo during some transitioning.  Well, the transition is over, me and my sister worked like crazy today, so besides needing some new curtains, Emma's room switch is complete.  Disclaimer:  I am NOT a bad mom!  I switched my girl's rooms because Santina is never here and Emma would get much more benefit from the bigger room.  OK, I can move on...

Of course, no before pics.  Duh on me.  But, if you can imagine a bedroom that has basically been neglected for 4 years.  My daughter hasn't even come home for the summer for the past 2 years while away at college, although she has come for visits, never more than 4 or so nights at a time.  I'd just bust in every once in a while with a vacuum, maybe wash the sheets, but her room has basically been ignored.  There has been crap laying all over while she packs stuff, ignores stuff and just moves on.  Her room basically looked like a high schooler lived there.  I'm not even going to get into how dirty it was once I moved the furniture around and out of the room, because I don't want to embarass her, but more importantly, myself.  Besides that, the walls were NEON LIME GREEN.  I'm capitolizing for emphasis because that's kind of what it felt like when you saw the walls.  BAM, in your face. 

So, I cleaned and cleaned yesterday.  Moved out all of the furniture, even borrowed my in-laws steam cleaner for the rugs.  I took everything off the walls.  I spackled until I could no longer spackle.  Then, I went to Lowe's to pick out paint samples.  For anyone who is about to paint a room, I strongly recommend getting a few samples.  Come home and paint spots of your sample colors around the room before making a decision.  I ended up with a color that I never thought I wanted, but couldn't be more perfect.  I got 4 different shades of pink and purple and as I was waiting quickly grabbed a very light green,really, to only make my husband happy.  Turns out, the green I picked (Spring Reflection by Valspar) has to be about the prettiest color I've ever seen for a room.  You can tell there is color on the walls, but it's neutral enough to be able to add all the girly pinks, purples, greens and blues with wall hangings.

Here are some different views.  First, standing in the room looking towards her bed:

How about the owl canvas above her bed?  B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, huh?  So freakin' cute.  Me and my sister spotted it a few weeks ago at Target.  She begged me to buy if for Emma.  I didn't because I didn't have the extra money, but secretly knew that she wouldn't be able to stand the thought of that pretty picture at Target without giving it to Emma!  Oh, and the kid is pretty cute too, huh?

Here is a few shots looking into the room from her door:

The purple/pink flower canvas?  Also from my sister.  Also from Target.  Same story!  But, the crazy thing I'm most excited about is the closet.  I'm weird but organization really turns me on!  Emma's closet before was sooooo tiny and stuffed full of all kinds of crap from when she was a baby, bags of clothes a good friend had given me but wouldn't fit Emma until next year, bags of clothes that were too small for her, etc...etc...I made my Goodwill bags, stored bigger clothes in the basement and moved her bookshelf into her closet as a shoe rack and toy holder. 

The hanging pink rack is going to be used for outfits of the week.  If any of you have girls, you may know the craziness that comes with getting dressed in the morning.  So, we are going to pick out Monday-Friday outfits and lay them in each section.  Then, we are sticking to it, no arguing about what she is going to wear.  As for the weekends, she can wear whatever she wants, like the nightgown and tights she sported today.  Here's another view closer to the closet that I think shows off the Spring Reflection nicely plus shows off the cute pics she's had in her room since she was born.  I just couldn't leave them out!

And, one last pic just because Emma is so darn cute!

I also want to remind everyone that this room reno was done on a budget.  A serious budget.  I paid a total of $35 for the armoire, side table and bed frame.  I repainted them myself and added glassy knobs, which were about $40.  I got the bedding on sale at Kohl's for $34, which included bedskirt, quilt, sham, flat and fitted sheet and pillowcase.  The pictures, well 2 of them were free, you know, from my sister.  And, the rest was stuff I already had for her.  It can be done people!  Just ask me!


  1. You are amazing!! One of these days - seriously! Also, we need to chat about getting you a blog on Tots2Tweens!! Talk to me!

  2. aaw, emma looks so cute and happy in there! i love the owl artwork above the bed! :)