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Saturday, November 19, 2011

An update and a reminder...

We finished our Pinterest wreath!  Well, lets face it, I finished it.  Emma wanted to help, but really all she wanted to do was play with the hot glue gun.  And, since most would frown upon that idea, I finished once she went down for her nap.  Well, when I say "nap" I mean she is in her room.  With the door shut.  But, rest assured, there is NO sleeping going on.  It should be a fun evening in our house.

So, here is what we ended up with:

I really think this is ending up to be my favorite little spot in our house.  Although I still technically have this black dresser for sale, I'm liking it more and more and am positive I'm keeping it.  Someone came to look at it last week and I actually breathed a sigh of relief when she said it was a bit too big for her.  Anyway, she what I mean:

When I first suggested where I wanted to hang this, my husband thought I was a bit crazy to hang it like that, but I like it.  Now that it's there, so does he.  Why must he continually question my abilities?  HA!

This was SO simple to make.  All we did was have a fun afternoon outside last week collecting pine cones.  Then, with spray paint I already had, I just sprayed them in about 2 seconds flat.  I went to AC Moore and for about $3 I got a plain twig wreath.  You know the kind, just looks like a round bunch of sticks.  I arranged them how I wanted and got out the hot glue gun and in another 2 seconds flat they were attached.  I already had the ribbon also, so this whole project cost around $3.50 or so.  I mean, I did use 3 glue sticks!

Oh, my reminder...As I look back at my last post to the 2 pictures that originally inspired me, I realized mine definately looked homemade, whereas the sample pic looks like something you could buy in a high end store.  The differences?  My pinecones weren't purchased, they were found right outside my back door.  And, I had a 3 year old helping me.  Both of which makes this wreath more meaningful.  Also, to me, this is a hobby and I just don't have the time to perfect my skills!  I wish I did and could make a living doing crafts and DIY, but, sigh, I can't.

As a bonus, I had some pine cones left over and made this mini wreath.  Emma says it's hers!

Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll be posting my latest furniture project that (once AGAIN) I want to keep!

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  1. Really pretty!!! You are sooo crafty!