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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A donation...

My oldest daughter attends Loyola University Maryland where she has always been involved in campus activities.  Because Loyola is a community service oriented college, many of her activities are community service oriented. 

Although we have had a major disagreement about this one, I can't blame her for wanting to go on a mission trip.  It's very expensive and the school puts on a big auction every year to help pay for this mission trip.  Read more about it here:  Project Mexico Auction

So, although I don't have much money to give, I always have an extra piece (s!) of furniture around, I decided to refinish a table and donate it for auction to help the students on their mission.

In my haste to complete it, I forgot to take a before pic, but I think most of us have seen this style of table some time or another.  It's normally in a dark cherry color with a gaudy drawer pull.  I painted it in my latest fav, ASCP Louis Blue,  heavily distressed it, put on a wax topcoat and topped her off with a pretty glass drawer pull.  

When I posted this on my FB page just to add to my "album" I had some gaga remarks over it, so I'm hoping that it sells for a big fat chunk of change and it helps the Loyola students on their mission!


  1. Love the color and distressing! Thanks for linking up to Habitat Heros and for your donation to a worthy cause.

  2. it looks beautiful, rebecca and what a great cause!!!
    where in frederick are you located? we should meet up some time! :)

  3. congrats on the wonderful auction piece and thanks for the update, too!