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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Redone dresser & a small trick...

I bought this dresser MONTHS ago.  It's been sitting in my storage room but I've lacked the inspiration to do anything with it.  You'd think that I'd learn after all this time that every.single.piece I have seen done or done myself really improves with paint.  I've had numerous requests for dressers so I've emailed the before pics to people hoping they would pick the color of their choice.  I do believe it's hard for people to imagine the after, so I just decided to tackle it!  Here she is:

Pardon the crapola around and on it, like I said, it's my storage room!  Much like other pieces I have done, this is very heavy and solid, yet has that orangey 80's look.  You like those big wooden knobs?  As a bonus, it also came with this great mirror with the same carved detailing as the dresser:

I scored some great creamy white paint in the "oops" section at Lowe's.  I still don't quite understand how white paint is an oops, but hey, I'll take it, especially at $6 for a whole gallon.

So, I primed and painted.  I learned a lesson long ago from a painter who thought that taping was for amateurs, but he was talking about painting walls and trim.  He insisted that if I bought myself a high quality angled brush I should not have to tape around trim and ceilings, I could do it much better by hand and in about 1/2 the time.  I've become quite good at that, so any kind of taping bothers me.  So, when faced with painting the mirror, I loathed the idea of taking the time to tape it all.  I know paint easily comes off with a razor blade, so I just painted without taping.  Don't believe me?!  See:

It comes off EASILY with a razor blade, so heed my advice.  You don't need to take the time taping, just get to a paintin'

So, here is the finished product.  I'm sorry I didn't paint her sooner now that I see just how really beautiful she is!  And, the big wood knobs got the ax.  I was just going to paint them the same color but a few were broken.  Then, I really wanted some beautiful clear glass/acrylic knobs.  But, as you can see, there are 18, yes 18 knobs on this thing.  At $4-$5 per knob, that was a costly idea.  I found these simple and pretty silver knobs that really make this dresser classy.

Stay tuned for my next post this weekend, I have several pieces that I need some inspiration/advice on so I'll be posting some unfinished pieces for you to chime in!

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  1. Much improved! I can't wait to see what else you have! I am your first follower! And I would be honored to have you link up to my VIP party this weekend =) http://designergarden.blogspot.com/2011/10/vip-party-35.html