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Friday, December 9, 2011

Another Pinterest Project

I'm going to say from the beginning, I was SO excited about this.  The Pinterest picture is gorgeous.  I think it would take me a while to master this idea.  But, I did my interpretation of it for Emma's new room.  Here is the inspiration:

I guess I should have had the picture next to me while doing the project.  Mine is WAY different, but based on this. 

I started out with a frame that I already had.  It was already painted a great bright green and distressed.  I had some canvas material that sort of has that grain sack look.  So, I wrapped the material around the glass in order to keep it as tight as I could.  I then attached it back to the frame.  I placed my buttons the way I thought they should go, then hot glued each one on.  I chose a mixture of white, purple and pick buttons to pick up on all the colors of her room.  Here's a close up of the finished job:

(again, from my previous post, I apologize for the crappy pics, my camera is well, a piece of crap!)

Emma loves it and it looks pretty it her room.  I do think I could have perfected it better.  I loved the original look of the canvas/grain sack backing, but now wish I would have put some kind of brighter,  more fun material behind the buttons, especially since it's for a child.  Here is a another view:

I'm going to do this again for someone else.  (I'm not telling who!)  My plan is to paint a hot pink frame, find black/white animal print fabric and use various shades of pink buttons for the letter. 

If you think you like this idea, you should also head over to Primitive and Proper, she just did something similar with small Christmas balls in the shape of a tree!

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  1. aw that looks adorable! by the way- once again all my recently followed blogs disappeared from reader, popped up today again.... so i am playing catch up!